The paradigms of the old world no longer apply.

The notion of having to choose between committing to a full time resource or outsourcing your needs to an independent consultant are obsolete. 

Ascenturn understands that you can have the best of both worlds and provides customized solutions for your business at the right stage.

Senior Financial Officers

There are several types of Senior Finance Officer roles within an organization. Most organizations have an established foundation with certain individuals taking on specific functions. But while some organizations look to combine the responsibilities, they fail to optimize or realize their full potential. 

While all of these functions are integral and are the building blocks for a solid foundation, maximizing the value and impact of each distinct function ensures stability and success for your future.


The basic function of treasury is to ensure the liquidity and cash flow of the Company are well maintained and balance. 

Controller / Director / VP Finance

This role is largely technical and operational in nature, ensuring accurate and compliant financial records.


This strategic function takes an executive perspective on the financial and non-financial decisions and direction.

Consultant vs Employee

Hiring an employee vs engaging with an external consultant is an important decision with various implications. It requires many situational considerations. 

While each route has its respective cost-benefits, the situation or need may be different to fit the scenario or project.


Engaging with an external consultant provides many advantages, especially to fill short term or part-time needs.

While Consultants provide flexible arrangements, the cost per project or hour may be high. Interests are aligned with other clients and do not always have long term commitment in mind.


Hiring a full time employee is the traditional route taken to engage with talent and achieve economies of scope. There are many benefits.

Employees must consistently be appropriately managed and compensated to continuously maximize their output. Furthermore, there are residual costs associated with employment outside of their base salaries including, incentive bonuses, payroll taxes, benefits, vacation entitlement.

Ascenturn Advantage

Many companies may be going through a transition or growth point where they need interim or fractional expertise at different levels which can be scaled up or down as needed.

Having access to expertise at different levels, only when you need it, is an efficient way for companies that do not yet need or have the resources a full time senior financial executive or management member.

The traditional ways of doing business are obsolete and Ascenturn is committed to structuring the right relationship for the right goals, from the strategy to execution.

With a relationship based approach which can be tailored to the specific needs and circumstances, there is ultimate flexibility as Ascenturn is able to partner with you on standard tradition or alternative fee arrangements.

Ascenturn works with those that share its vision without ever sacrificing its core values of respect and integrity.

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