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Get your Fractional Senior Financial Officer needs met, from end to end.

We are at a critical point and it is time to take advantage of the value proposition of an engaged and committed resource, with the flexibility and market expertise of an outsourced consultant. 

Ascenturn doesn’t offer advice or theoretical boilerplate solutions, but rather strives to collaborate continuously to realize best practices and help you build the best company possible. The methodology is simple:

Finance and Accounting

Financial expertise is one of the key pillars of success of any enterprise. In fact, as much as 80% of small to medium sized business failures are because of lack of understanding of finance and cash flow planning.


Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting provides the backbone of integrity of the decision making process. Ensuring robust and accurate financial information allows you to build a road map to success.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash is the lifeblood of any operation. The ability to maintain adequate monitoring and forecasting of your cash position ensures confident sustainability of operations and priorities. 

Management Reporting

Understanding the materiality and point of view of all key stakeholders is important to ensure meaningful and insightful accountability.


Risk and Operational Management

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

Strategic Risk Planning

Risk management is the practice of consistently neutralizing external volatility on internal operations. By planning for what may be beyond the horizon, you stay prepared. 

Operational Processes Audit

Standardizing procedures are crucial to ensure consistent execution of operations. Having robust and practical controls in place ensure efficient execution from your team.

System Implementations​

Having reliable systems in place to support your team in their daily functioning allows them to support you.

Business Planning

Practicing forward looking thinking and seeing beyond the horizon from the lens of Risk Management and Business Planning & Analysis, Ascenturn gets you to where you want to take your practice.


Bank Financing Plan

With an in-depth knowledge of the Canadian credit and banking system, a Business Plan ensures the highest level of credibility and confidence from your creditors.

Executive Business Plan

Having a solid, realistic and ambitious business plan will achieve what is needed to drive results to the highest degree.

Exit Strategy Plan

Once the principal owner-operator is not able or willing to continue his/her involvement, it is important to have a sound strategy which takes into account all facets of business exit strategy.

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