The Coaching Tree of Leadership

The Coaching Tree is like a Family Tree. But unlike a Family Tree which you are born into, a Coaching Tree represents the many layers and history of succession of leadership, team building success and talent development.

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Profits in the Trenches

Unfortunately, there remains a myth that business units can be divided into clear and distinguishable impact labels: Cost Centers and Profit Centers. While this term has long outlived its usefulness, those organizations that live by it will certainly die out with it.

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The Stag Hunt: A Lesson in Game Theory

Today’s knowledge-based economy would dictate a comprehensive strategic perspective of the company’s most important assets is a critical factor in driving organizational success and achieving its goals.

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Emotional Intelligence and the Leadership Trap

The value in leadership is obvious. Being able to develop deep meaningful relationships, communicate with clarity and display empathy are keys to influencing and inspiring others. But success does not equate to an Emotionally Intelligent Leader and this may be the greatest misunderstanding and risk to sustainable success.

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Building a Winning Formula for Value

What determines Enterprise Value. Many formulas exist but the fundamental understanding is that it comes from what is repeatable, transferrable and scalable. In other words value is systematic success.

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